Computer Equipment


We use our computers until we can’t read the keys anymore. The local IT wizard, Scott Emswiller, comes to our rescue when the machines are too tired to work, and, after coaxing them along for a bit, they come back to life for a while. We are really in need of new equipment, but due to our shortfall in income this year, the budget will not permit it.

                    Kelly Fields, who joined our Board recently and is now co-Historian with Martha Minnick, mentioned that his son works with a company that refurbishes computer equipment and can make them available at no cost to non-profit organizations.

                    Sure enough, Kelly walked through the door recently with a lap top and a whiz bang desk top computer that puts our former equipment to shame. We are now in the process of transferring info from one to another.

                    Kelly and Ross Fields —–THANK YOU MUCHLY!!


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