Cruise In 2017



     We were happy to enjoy perfect weather for our 2017 car show after being rained out in 2016.  The show will be on August 11, 2018 this year and wer’re already checking the barometer.

   These events appeal to gearheads and car lovers for a number of reasons.  But its appeal for us is, of course history.  These cars, some dating back to the early 20th century, are, indeed, history.  From fenders and running boards to standard transmissions and fuel injectors, these cars are a visual, living history of the development of our primary form of transportation.

   After more than a decade, it’s nice to greet familiar faces as drivers come back to Dietrich Park for a pleasant August afternoon.  We always have a DJ and live entertainment,  fair food vendors, lots of great door prizes and beautiful trophies.  As of publishing there is no certainty to the rumor that the 2018 show might see some cash prizes.

   Cars begin arriving at  2 pm and the official show begins at 4 pm; prizes will be given at 7 pm.

   Bring the family and have dinner, listen to some great music and see a park full of automotive jewels.  Great fun!


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