President’s Message

President’s Message 2018

        I’ve been involved with the Historical Society since it’s inception and have served on the Board of Directors for much of that time.  We began meeting in people’s homes and at the library and eventually, in 1998, moved into our own building in Gazebo Park.

       We’ve watched our collection of history and artifacts expand to fill our quarters.  A week doesn’t go by without more treasures being donated.  We have thousands of photographs, written history, family trees and artifacts.  Truly a collection warranting a visit.  Please come by and see your town’s history.

      Our 9-member Board of Directors, many of whom have served since the beginning, has an average age of 70.  We would like to see younger members become active and eventually step in when attrition diminishes our number.  Responsible, dedicated lovers of history will need to pick up and administer the organization.

     We meet at 7pm on the fourth Thursday of each month.  The meetings are open to all members and we invite and encourage you to attend.

Dr. Brank DeBruhl



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